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Tourmaline GemstoneThe most interesting as well as fascinating thing about tourmalines is that these gemstones are available in such a wide range of colors and hues, where each variety is as beautiful and as irresistible as the other making it tough for jewelry and gemstone lovers to choose between the variations that the stone offers. And as is obvious in most cases people give in to the easy and varied charm of tourmalines and often have a tendency of picking at least one of each color and form.

Tourmalines come in a wide spectrum of colors like dark brown, pink, yellow, black and bluish black, medium brown, red, lime green to dark forest, blue to neon blue, reddish purple, and colorless. Tourmalines are also bi colored and multi colored where the stone appears to be in one color at one end and another totally different color on the other end. Some stones are truly spectacular and emanate a different color from every angle at which they are viewed.

The most exclusive, expensive and sought after tourmalines are the blue indicolite, green verdelite and pink rubellite. The Cat’s Eye tourmaline portrays an effect that is quite similar to a cat’s eyes and hence the name. The Chrome tourmaline which is a stunning green stone often resembling and emerald is due to the effect and presence of chromium. Black tourmalines are the most commonly found tourmalines and are known as Schorl.

Tourmalines like many other gemstones get their name from the color or colors in this case, that they reflect. In Sinhalese, the word tura mali denotes the stone with mixed colors which quite appropriately describes the unique beauty and appeal of tourmalines.

An interesting lore about tourmalines especially to do with the wide range of colors that they come in is that these stones have traveled along a rainbow and gathered all the lovely hues from it. Tourmalines also have very many properties and healing powers. They are said to be effective for the nervous system, blood and lymph besides strengthening the body and spirit. Tourmalines are also said to inspire creativity and are the chosen stones of artists.

Tourmalines measure between 7 and 7.5 on Mohs scale of hardness. Tourmalines are popular as the birthstone for October besides being the anniversary stone for the 8th wedding anniversary.

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