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Loose Ruby at Angara.com"Ratnaraj" or the king of gems as rubies are popularly known as in Sanskrit indeed does great justice to this gorgeous gemstone that exudes a kind of royalty that no other gemstone can match. It is but true that the sheer beauty and the rich red color of rubies make these gemstones not only beautiful but also magnificent and regal. Like many other gemstones rubies also get their name for the color they bear. The Latin word ‘Ruber’ means red which quite aptly describes these gems. Interestingly, in earlier times rubies were said to be even more valued than diamonds.

Rubies have throughout the centuries adorned many kings and royals throughout the world and have been one of the most favored stones of royalty. Even today these spectacular gemstones are loved and highly coveted. It is said that the crown of Prince Charles IV of Luxembourg bore a ruby that weighed a significant 250 carats. The Emperor of China is also said to have used rubies to illuminate his room. Hebrews believed health, prosperity and joy could be acquired by carving a dragon on the surface of a ruby while ancient Burmese soldiers injected rubies into their skin to ward fatal wounds in the war fields.

The rich red color of rubies is symbolic of love and passion and evokes these feelings; which is the reason why ruby jewelry is highly popular as romantic jewelry gifts to woo the ladies. Rubies are also said to stimulate fertility and are recommended for women who wish to conceive.

Rubies are hard stones that undergo heat treatment to acquire the fascinating red color which earns them much adoration. Like all other gemstones color plays the pivotal role in determining the value and worth of rubies. The most sought after variety of rubies are those that bear a clear and vibrant red color that is not too light but have a rich tint.

Rubies like a lot of other gemstones undergo heat treatment after which they obtain their lovely hue. Most rubies come with inclusions and there is rarely a ruby that comes without any inclusions. Rubies in large sizes are pretty rare and those few stones that are big enough demand a price that is equally high.

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iconRuby Gemstones

EmeraldRuby is the birthstone for the month of July, the red colored gemstone ruby looks exotic. The brilliant red color of this gemstone makes it one of the most sought after gemstone. A variety of mineral corundum, ruby is one of the rare gemstones present on the earth. All corundum varieties except for the red color variety are sapphires. The red color of the ruby is due to the element chromium.

Ruby the second hardest mineral after diamond weighs 9 on Mohs scale of hardness. The better the hardness, the more resistant is the stone to scratches and cracking. These characteristics makes ruby jewelry perfect accessory for daily wear. Ruby gets its name from the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning red. The best quality rubies are found in Myanmar and are known as Burmese ruby. The most valuable ruby is called the ‘Pigeon’s blood’ ruby. Apart from Myanmar rubies are also found in Thailand, Northern Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam and Ceylon.

Jewelry lovers around the world like colorful jewelry, and the bright red color is the color of love and celebration. The gemstone ruby is a precious stone and sometimes a fine quality ruby which is comparable in size with diamond is prized 8 times more than the diamond. The passionate color combined with the excellent brilliance makes ruby irresistible for jewelry lovers. Fine, large rubies may be worth more than clear diamonds of comparable size. They make elegant center stones for rings and pendants. Smaller stones make great accents for these pieces as well as brooches, bracelets, and earrings. Small rubies combined with diamonds make lovely ornaments. Rubies look stunning against a backdrop of white, black, royal blue or emerald green.

Ruby jewelry was famous amongst the royalties also the Emperor of China used to light up his room with rubies. The other beliefs associated with ruby are that the warriors inserted genuine rubies beneath their skin, as they believed it would protect them from getting wounded in the battle.

Rubies are rarely found perfect or with excellent clarity in nature. These gemstones are heat- treated to intensify or lighten their color or improve their clarity. Heat enhancement for gemstones is a permanent, stable process and an accepted norm in the jewelry industry.

While buying a gemstone the first and the most important thing to be considered is its color. As a general rule for all gemstones, more vivid the color, more valuable the gem. Rubies from Burma generally command the highest prices.