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Raw Peridot StoneIf you are someone who is in love with nature and with greenery then you will fall in love with the peridot as soon as you lay eyes on these lovely gemstones. The fresh lime green color of peridot is enough to steal one’s heart away and this is the very reason why these gemstones have been so popular over the centuries ever since they were first discovered in Egypt in a tiny island called Zabargard almost four thousand years ago. The bright green color of peridot is distinct and there is no other gemstone that can match its unique look and allure.

In fact peridot is mentioned only too often in the Bible and early Christians considered the fascinating peridot as sacred and even today there are many Catholic Bishops who prefer to wear a peridot ring as a symbol of purity. The medieval churches were also quite lavishly decorated with peridots. In ancient times peridot was considered to be a stone symbolic of springtime and also a gift from Mother Nature.

The soft green color of peridot hardly reflects the extreme conditions under which these stones are formed. Peridots are found in the rocks that are created as a result of volcanoes. Due to immense heat and pressure conditions peridots are formed deep within the Earth.

Peridot was also referred to as the ‘evening emerald’ by the ancient Romans due to the fact that the color of these stones were visible even after dusk and did not darken at night. Even in the island of Zabargard in Egypt where peridots were first mined, it is said that these stones were mined only in the evenings and at night as they were not clearly visible during the day. Ancient lore says that the place was full of serpents and mining the lustrous peridot was extremely risky until a Pharoh finally succeeded in sending all the vicious beings into the sea.

Traces of peridots are found in Arizona and the stones that are mined here are usually blessed with a beautiful color but are not very big in size. Burma is another place where peridot deposits are present in abundance. Pakistan and Kashmir also have the presence of peridots. Smaller peridots not exceeding five carats are quite abundant but as they grow in size and carats, these lovely stones become rarer.

The beautiful peridots that measure around six and a half on Moh’s scale in hardness are sensitive to light and therefore should be stored carefully. Peridots are also recommended for liver and gall bladder disorders. They also have a soothing effect on the wearer and keep away all negative feelings.

Source : August Birthstone Peridot History & Folklore