iconEmerald Gemstones (Information, Facts, Lore, History, Myths)

1.08-carat-weight-pear-medium-green-emerald-gemWhen Pliny the Elder described the beautiful emeralds as ‘Nothing Greens Greener’, he couldn’t possibly have coined a better description for the lush green emeralds. The lovely green color of emeralds have won these remarkable gemstones a lot of love and adulation over the centuries and even today emeralds remain one of the most sought after and popular gemstones across the world.

Heart-Emerald-Light-Green-6.86-cts.-13-X-14.7-MM-gemFrom kings and royals from yester years to modern day Hollywood celebrities the love for emeralds is something that has remained constant and not without reason, such is the allure of these gemstones. Like sapphires emeralds too get their name from the color they denote and the Greek word ‘smarados’ which is derived from the French word ‘esmeralde’ refers to the color green.

Oval-Emerald-Light-Green-7.33-cts.-13.4-X-11.9-MM-gemEmeralds happen to be one of the oldest gemstones that ever existed and date back to almost 4000 years in history. Emeralds were first discovered in the mines of Egypt during the reign of the sensuous Queen of Egypt, the lovely Cleopatra. It is also said that Cleopatra nursed a special love for emeralds and wore these lush green stones generously.

Round-Emerald-Medium-Green--1.10--cts.-gemWhile the Vedas, the holy scriptures of the Hindus speak of emeralds as possessing healing powers, the Moguls are also said to be extremely fond of these gemstones. In fact the Mogul ruler Jehangir owned a cup that was made out of emeralds which now sits pretty in the New York Museum of Natural History. Also, the ‘Mogul Emerald’ dating back to 1695 and weighing almost 217.8 carats happens to be the oldest emerald to be in existence. This magnificent stone also bears intricate engravings as well as prayer texts.

The popularity of emeralds is unanimous across the world. In earlier times in Egypt, an emerald was placed around the neck of mummies to denote eternal youth. The Turkish sultans were as much in love with these magnificent gemstones and the Topkani Palace in Istanbul is home to a number of emeralds. Even the ancient Roman could not resist the charm of emeralds.

The lovely green emeralds stand for everlasting and timeless love. Emeralds are also said to be harbingers of good luck and good fortune and are therefore recommended for astrological purposes. 

Emeralds are soft stones and need to be treated with utmost care. Emeralds unlike most other gemstones are oil treated which enhances the lovely color and luster of these stones that are eternally beautiful.

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iconEmerald Gemstones

EmeraldEmerald is the most precious of all colored gemstones. Emeralds are lush green variety of gemstones. The green color of the gemstone is intensely dramatic that an emerald is one of the few gemstones to have a color named after it ‘emerald green’.

The Ancient Belief
Emerald gets its name from the Greek word “smaragdos”, meaning ‘green stone’ which is further derived from the French word “esmeralde”. It is considered to be a holystone and is believed to be one of the gemstones found in breastplate of Aaron. Emerald has been known to mankind since the ancient times. Many ancient mythologies have a special reference of these gemstones, the ancient scriptures of the Hindu religion, the Vedas regarded emerald as the healing stone. The religious text of Islam talks of heaven’s garden as carpeted with emeralds, the Incas and Aztecs who lived in South America regarded emerald as the gem from the Gods.

Favorite of the Royals
Emeralds and emerald jewelry were highly cherished by the royals of the ancient times, not only Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt but Shah Jahan, the emperor of Mogul Empire, Emperor Jahangir of the Mogul Empire are a few to list. Emerald is the birthstone for May and the zodiac sign Taurus. Emerald is the 20th and 30th wedding anniversary stone. Many people believe wearing emerald brings you wisdom and growth.

Magical Powers
In the ancient times emeralds were believed to possess healing powers. Emeralds were prescribed for eye diseases because green color was considered to be quite soothing for the eyes. Egyptians engraved emerald with spring foliage to represent eternal youth and the Romans associated emeralds with fertility and rebirth.

Know your Gemstone
Emerald is the variety of the mineral beryl, colored green by trance amounts of chromium and vanadium. The gemstone comes in variety of shades of green and bluish green. Emeralds are relatively hard, rating 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale of hardness. All emeralds naturally occur with inclusions and breaks within them. But with the use of emerald enhancements these breaks can be filled and the flaws can be softening to increase the luster of the gemstone.

Where Are Emeralds Found?
The Ancient Egyptians mined Emeralds in eastern region. In more recent times North Carolina is the place where quality emeralds can be found. Emeralds are also found in other regions like America, Columbia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Nigeria and Russia. The famous Columbian mines ‘Muzo’ and ‘Chivor’ have been a popular source of emeralds since the pre- Columbian

Emerald Care
Avoid a lot of exposure of the gemstone to chemicals or sunlight which could harm the brilliance of the stone. Use mild detergents and avoid using solutions that contain petroleum distillates. Do not soak your emerald jewelry in water for long.