Gemstones – The Beauty of Jewelry

A gemstone or a gem is a piece of attractive mineral either precious or semi-precious, which when cut and polished is used to make jewelry or other adornments. Gemstones are generally hard but some soft ones are used in jewelry because of their luster and other physical properties that have aesthetic values.

The value of gemstone is determined by a combination of features like its color, clarity, cut and rarity. The most important factor to be considered in case of gemstone is cutting. Cut of a gemstone is of extraordinary importance, it refers to the way in which a gemstone is faceted. If a gemstone is well cut the beauty and worth of the gemstone enhances.

Gems are generally categorized into various types depending upon their characteristics.

There are three types of gemstones -natural gemstones, imitation gemstones and synthetic gemstones.

Natural Gemstones-
These can be obtained only from nature without the interference of human beings. Sapphires, rubies, tourmalines and many other natural gems are found around the world. They are often subjected to treatments including heat, irradiation, diffusion and others. Natural gemstones are rare and expensive.

Synthetic Gemstones-
Synthetic gemstones are manmade products of same chemical make up and structure as of natural gemstones and are created in laboratories. Synthetic gemstones do not have the rarity of naturally colored stones and they are less expensive than naturally mined stones. These gemstones are used in the trade of jewelry as long as the product is disclosed as synthetic.

Imitation Gemstones-
Imitation gemstones can be anything that resembles a natural gemstone but does not have the same chemical and physical properties. These stones are less expensive than the natural forms and give consumers other options for stones that appear similar. Blue glass, natural blue spinel and synthetic blue spinel can be referred to as imitation sapphire. Cubic zirconia is used as imitation diamond in jewelry applications. Imitations are accepted in the trade providing the disclosure of the true nature of the product.

Colored Gemstones-
The significant feature of a gemstone which makes it dazzling and alluring is its, color.
Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are primarily known for their bright green, red and blue colors. The common notion with gemstones is that the deeper and richer the color of the stone is, the more valuable it is. For instance, bright white pearls, green garnets, royal purple amethyst, yellow topaz, deep red corals are some of the most valuable gemstones available. However, all gemstones have beautiful colors which increase their exquisiteness.

Where to shop-
Internet has revolutionized the way we shop for everything providing an easy access to the best quality as well as a wide range of merchandise, and gemstones are no exception. You can have access to a wide range with the comparison of quality and prices being very convenient.