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Pear Aquamarine Medium Blue in 10.93 Carat The immensely alluring and impossibly attractive aquamarines are one of the most loved gemstones across the world for there is something innately peaceful and tranquil in the color and look of aquamarines that set these gemstones apart from the rest in the family. The color of aquamarines is sure to remind one of the clear blue skies and the deep blue seas and it would not be wrong to say that these stones look like crystallized versions of these.

Just like most other gemstones aquamarines also get their name from the color they reflect and the Latin words ‘aqua’ and ‘mare’ denote sea and water respectively. Aquamarines in fact have always been associated with water and in ancient times Greek soldiers always chose to wear aquamarine amulets to protect themselves from the wrath of the sea gods and to ensure a safe passage through the seas. Some in earlier times also believed that aquamarines were first discovered in the treasure trunks that belonged to the mermaids.

Aquamarines are blessed with a lot of qualities and healing powers. These charming stones are said to be highly effective in curing eye problems mainly shortsightedness and Germans in earlier times used aquamarine crystals as eyeglasses in order to deal with the problems faced due to shortsightedness. Aquamarines are also useful in combating insomnia. Besides bringing about an air of good cheer these stones also have a very soothing effect on individuals and nurture feelings of harmony and camaraderie. Aquamarines are also recommended to individuals who want to benefit from joy and affluence.

Aquamarines like all other gemstones are judged, loved and sought after primarily because of the lovely blue hue they exude. Most aquamarines are light in color and the most sought after color of these stones would ideally be a darker shade of blue. However personal preferences in aquamarines may range from light blue to blue green. A clever aquamarine buy would be to go for a stone that is of a very pale shade but excellently cut so that it reflects maximum brilliance and can easily pass off as a diamond.

Aquamarines gain an edge over other gemstones due to the clarity that these stones possess. Most aquamarines are free of inclusions and they occur only very rarely in certain stones. The ‘Santa Maria’ category of aquamarine that is found in Brazil alone happens to be the most sought after variety of these stunning gemstones.

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iconAquamarine Gemstones

EmeraldAquamarine, one of the most beautiful pastel colored gemstones, is used in some of the most beautiful classic and contemporary jewelry across the world. The lovely soothing hue of aquamarine ranges from mid day sky blue to clear oceanic blue to teal. Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March and anniversary gift for 18th anniversary.

Aquamarine has been used since ancient ages and has mystic beliefs from the past associated to it. Aquamarine was believed to be the lucky stone for sailors who used aquamarine as a talisman to please sea God and wildered in the wild sea without worries. It was also believed that aquamarines came out of the treasure chest of mermaids. Aquamarine was believed to bless a couple with happy marriage, and hence the “blue” in the age old verse “Some thing old, some thing new, some thing borrowed, some thing blue and a six pence in her shoe”, usually has been aquamarine.

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl mineral family, which makes it a cousin of emerald, another gemstone front the same mineral family. The gemstone’s name, aquamarine is derived fro the Latin words “aqua” meaning water and “marina” meaning sea. The lovely hues of blue gemstone remind of the colors of sea from oceanic blue to sea green.

Aquamarine gemstones can be combined with other gemstones to make beautiful gemstone jewelry. Aquamarine can be combined with dark hued gemstones like blue sapphire, tanzanite, black onyx, dark colored gemstones to make beautiful formal wear jewelry to compliment evening or party wear. For beautiful summer wear combine aquamarine gemstones can be combined with other pastel colored gemstones like pink sapphire, amethyst, citrine etc. Aquamarines when combined with diamonds or pearls make breath taking bridal jewelry.

Aquamarine gemstone has a hardness of 7.5 – 8 on Moh’s scale of hardness. This makes aquamarine the ideal gemstone for jewelry. The hardness combined with the toughness of the aquamarine protects the gem against scratches and abrasion in normal wear and tear. This makes aquamarine the perfect jewel quality gem. For the kind of crystal that aquamarine has it looks pretty in all shapes and cuts. While the lovely icy azure brilliance of the lovely blue gemstone is accentuated in the round shape, the emerald cut showcases the beautiful color. Since aquamarines are mostly free of inclusions, these gemstones look great in all cuts and styles. Aquamarines can also be easily cut and carved in fancy shapes which makes the gemstone a delight for gem and jewelry artisans and designers.