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Amethyst GemstoneOne look at the lovely amethyst and you can’t help but fall in love with these charming gemstones. Amethysts have always been a popular choice of gemstone with a wide presence in jewelry that women across the world cannot help but simply adore. Amethysts at one time were the chosen stones of royalty across the world. Especially the rich purple color of these stones does lend them an edge over other gemstones and also gives the stunning amethysts a regal appeal that is hard to resist.

Amethysts are not only the purple variety of quartz but are also the most valued of all other members of the quartz family. Although amethysts are mostly purple in color they also exhibit a wide range of similar hues like, light lilac, mauve, lavender and deep purple. The most sought after variety of amethyst is those stones that bear a deep purple color with rose colored flashes.

Often amethysts occur as crystals that are six sided on the ends. They also form as drusy, which in other words are crystalline crusts that cover the main rock. Amethysts are also found in the deposits especially alluvial deposits and inside geodes throughout the world. The presence of manganese in quartz results in amethysts being formed and the proportion of iron in it decides the depth of the color purple which the stone will bear.

The exquisite amethysts are one of the most well loved gemstones and have been known to have various qualities. Amethysts are said to work wonders in curing drunkenness and in combating addiction. Amethysts also have healing properties and work well for numerous ailments like insomnia, hearing disorders, headaches, and pains. Amethysts also bring about calmness and serenity besides curing mental disorders. Amethysts also help nurture love, happiness and peace besides generating a positive attitude in the wearer.

Amethysts measure seven on Mohs scale of hardness. These radiant stones are heat treated after which they assume their lustrous and vibrant color which is loved so dearly across the globe. Amethysts are the birthstone for the month of February while they are the anniversary stones for the 4th, 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

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